CSS and HTML are some of the leading scripts globally, but there is one more that you need to know –JavaScript. JavaScript has soon become a language that facilitates communication between the web app pages. The popularity of the technology has made all the web browsers have a dedicated JavaScript engine, which has increased the use of technologies such as NodeJS for improved user experience.

It is a popular language that is aggressively used inside website browsers as the browser’s document. It provides advanced web development solutions to web app developers. For it to run successfully on the browsers, it needs a good interpreter like NodeJS. NodeJS is a front-end technology that can run different scripts of JavaScript in the web browser. NodeJS is an event-driven Java framework that allows the development of highly efficient and fast performing web applications. It represents collecting methods and objects available to JavaScript code when it runs on the V8 chrome engine or through node interpreter.

JavaScript Vs. Node JS: How are they different

It helps you understand the differences between JavaScript and NodeJS. It is necessary to understand the usability and importance of two of the most popular technologies used in web app development.



It is a popular programming language and runs in any web browser, and helps in-app performance.


NodeJS is an interpreter and provides an environment to developers for JavaScript development with useful libraries.



It is mainly used for any client-side development for web applications. Usually for refreshing the page in a specific interval, dynamic changes in the web app, and attribute validation.


Development companies commonly use it for performing or accessing any non-blocking operation of OS. It is usually used to execute and create a shell script or access the hardware-specific information or run any operation in the backend.

Running engine


JavaScript can run any engine Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome.


It runs in the V8 engine and is many used for the apps that run on google chrome.

Additional differences

Additional information that helps you get to the nuts and bolts of NodeJS and JavaScript are:

  1. Developers popularly use javascript for client-side activities for any web application development. Web app developers highly recommend JavaScript for dynamic page display over a scheduled time interval. It also addresses business validation and basic ajax call kind of task.  

NodeJS is used for running and accessing the operating system for the non-blocking I/O. It is used for getting any specific information related to the hardware on one call or installed details for the certification in the specific system or various defined tasks.

  • JavaScript is a programming language that is very easy to write, and developers are well-versed with it. It makes JavaScript more popular amongst developers. It is also used for putting the running environment, improving the web application performance on a browser.

On the other hand, Node supports the V8 chrome engine, so it is highly popular for the applications that are made to run over google chrome. It is a letdown, as people would go for JavaScript, which can run in any given environment over any given browser.

  • JavaScript follows the standard of Java Programming language. Thus, developers may have the liberty to write the source code in different ways but still have to follow the Java programming language standards.  

NodeJS is written in C++ and provides a V8 engine base, which helps the web app developers to run the program made on javaScript on any browser environment.

To access the operating system for any non-blocking I/O, JavaScript has many objects. These are operating system specific. Further, it also does not have a specific constraint that is related to the operating system.

Node, on the other hand, gives utility to run on a fewer operating system. Further, nodeJS is quite popular to build specific binding using the file system. It also allows the web app developers to read or sometimes to write on the disk.

Wrapping Up

We have tried to differentiate NodeJS from JavaScript at best. NodeJS helps make JavaScript-based web applications more efficient and powerful, and there is no superiority between the technologies. They compliment each other and provide the web developer tools necessary to optimize performance, functionality, and speed up web app development.

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