ASP.Net is a web development platform. It is provided by Microsoft and was first released in the year 2002. With time it has gained colossal popularity and is widely used as a web-based application technology.

The most recent version of ASP.Net is version 4.6, which is the designed to work with the HTTP protocol. It is a standard protocol used across all the web applications. The applications built on ASP.Net technology are written on a variety of .Net Languages, including C#, VB.Net, and J#.  In this blog we will be sharing some more fundamentals of ASP.Net framework.

Fundamentals of the ASP.Net and .Net Framework

The full form of .Net is Network Enabled technologies and ASP, is Active Server Pages. ASP.Net is a .Net framework which is used to develop a web application. the basic architecture of it is as follows:

  1. Language: You can develop a .NET framework using a variety of applications. the most commonly used as VB.Net and C#.
  2. Library: Libraries are an important aspect while choosing any technology. They help in fast web app development and gives more flexibility to the developer. The .Net Framework also includes a certain set of standard class libraries, and the most common library used for web application is web library. Using it, the .net developers get all the necessary components needed for .net web app development.
  3. Common Language Runtime: .Net framework comes with Common Language Infrastructure, commonly known as CLI. It is a platform and all the .Net programs are executed on it. For execution, CLR is used for performing key activities. A web application developer can use it for executing operations such as exception handling and garbage collection.

Characters of ASP.Net Framework

  1. Code Behind Mode – This is a concept of separating design and code. A lot of developers face difficulties while managing to build communication between the front-end and the backend of the web application. By making this separation, it becomes easier to maintain the ASP. Net application. The general file type of ASP.Net file is aspx. The framework would create another file called aspx.cs. to denote the code part of the page. So, the Visual Studio creates separate files and each web page, one for the design part and other for the code.
  • State Management – ASP.Net allows you to control state management. HTTP is a popularly accepted by leading web development companies due to its stateless protocol. Even for ecommerce development companies use it to develop their online shopping carts. And HTTP protocol is run when he hits the submit button.

For order processing, it is necessary that the application remembers all the products chosen by the user to purchase. As this information is just for the remembrance in the application at a point of time. HTTP is a stateless protocol. And thus, when the user goes to the purchase page, the HTTP will not store the information on the cart items. Additional work is needed to be done to ensure the cart items can be carried forward to the checkout.  For big ecommerce companies this implementation can be complex, and thus ASP.Net can do the state management on behalf of it. ASP.Net remember the items stored in the item and pass it to check out page.

  • Caching – ASP.Net can be implemented on the concept of caching. This helps in the improvement of overall application performance. By caching the pages, you can store the pages previously requested by the client. These pages can be later reloaded on the next request much faster, improving the user experience on the web application. It is one of the best ways to improve the user experience and app performance of the application.

Difference between .Net and ASP.Net Framework

.Net Framework

.Net Framework is used to develop form-based application, web-based applications, web services and more. It is highly popular technology to built applications for both desktop and server-based applications. There is a variety of programming languages available on the .net platform that can be used for programming, such as VB.Net, and C#. It is popularly used to build applications for Windows, phone and web applications. It also provides lot of functionalities and also supports industry standards.

Things that make .Net Framework different from ASP.Net are:

  • .Net is a software development framework aimed to develop Windows, web and server-based applications. Meanwhile ASP.Net is a main tool that is present in the .net framework and is aimed at simplifying the development of dynamic applications.
  • .Net is a server side and client-side application development framework. Meanwhile you can only develop server-side web applications using ASP.Net as it is integrated with .Net framework.
  • .Net is a popular technology used for business application for windows platforms. However, the ASP.Net framework is used to make dynamic web pages and website, using the .Net languages.
  • .Net programming can be done using any language with CIL complier or Common Intermediate Language complier. But programming can be done using .Net Compliant language.