After making a website, every person should have one goal only… How to get the 1st rank on the Google, Right? Only and only with the accumulation of the strategies and techniques, you can increase the number of visitors to your website and this can be done by obtaining a high ranking in the search results. But how? Are you confused, how to get the top rank in Google???

Consider the SEO, and only and only an important feature of SEO is to make your website intelligible to both users and search engine bots. But do you know what are the essential steps to get this done?

Now, What Is SEO?

The practice of optimizing your presence (your website) on the web to appear organically on Google is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The Basic Things You Should Check, Before Doing The SEO Of Your Website,

  • Domain Name Authority: Keep in mind that, the longer the domain has been, the better. The more pages of quality content you have in your domain name, it is the better.
  • Secure Pages: Your web pages must have a security certificate. And it must be loaded through https so they are secure.
  • Structure Of The URL: If the URL of your page is legible, that’s good.

After Checking this,  you can go for the rest of the article

Essential Things To Take The Website On The Top Of The Google Search Results

  1. Your Website Must Be Compatible With The Mobile Devices(Responsive Design)

If your website is, Mobile-friendly website, then it should be displayed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets in an easy way for the user.

The responsive design describes a website that is dynamically resized to adapt to the width of the device or browser on which it is displayed. So People got attracted.

  • Your Website Must Be SEO- Friendly

We discussed above, the easier your website is for mobile devices, the closer you’ll come to the first page of Google.  Now what??

Not Only User-Friendly Website Give You The Top Result But, It Should Be Google Friendly!!!

The Characteristics it should have,

  • Attractive
  • Easy
  • Make sense browsing
  • Proper Navigated
  • SEO- Friendly

Puzzled Right? What is included in SEO friendly website- The proper Meta descriptions, the proper Keyword Density, Proper Header Tags and many more things. This can definitely help you to get the desired results.

  • You Must Have The Business Listing Page On Google

Google My Business is one of the most powerful SEO tools for local business owners. Both Google Maps and Search are extracted from Google My Business lists and shows to the local people. To get the business from the local public it is Essential Step. 

  • Make Sure Your Website Is Fast

A slow website is bad for Users as well as Google.  So, a slow website can make your site rank lower in the search engine results.

  • On- Page, SEO Should Be Up to The Mark

There are lots of the things that are included in the On-Page SEO,

  1. Check the title tags with your target keyword

You should have the right keyword,  it can channel a large amount of traffic to your website.

  1. Content Strategy, Marketing, and Optimization

Your page defines its content, it should be optimized because how you use the content is very essential.

  1. Image Optimization

Other than that, make sure that the images on your website have file names that include the destination keyword.  

  • Consider OFF-Page SEO As Well

Off-page SEO refers to techniques that is not restricted to a website.  And there are lots of things you should use for the promotion of your page on the external platform.

Now that you know something about, “ How To Get Your Website Ranked On The First Page Of Google???”, But Google has own algorithm and for that, you should update your self.

The Last Step,

The website and your business listing are very important for your recognition and it is very important for the ranking that makes you the significant or not!!! May the article help you, but still if you have doubt comment below!!!