Ooooh… You may make the website, we think so!!! But what if your website is running slow…A slow loading website is a frustrating fact that users or client do not appreciate.  The fact or research says the website should be loaded in 4 seconds. 

The less traffic is caused by the more time delay of the website as well. Sometimes it may happen the popularity of the website is reduced if the speed is not proper. There are many reasons why your website loads slowly. It can be caused by your hosting or server load, or it can be your website design or maybe it is the user’s internet connection. 

Reasons behind the slow website,

  1. Network problem

The first thing, you should check the connectivity of the network.  It can be caused by your local network. To check this, you should try to load another website and see if it is slow to load or not.

If it is, then you must consider your network. This can be a problem as well.  If you consider the software that can show the network breaks between your site and the server and how long it took the connection to go through each section. You should ask friends or family members who live far away from you, to try to load your website.

  • Slow hosting

It may happen if anything wrong happens with your server, you seem like the website loading is a problem. It remains inactive until someone clicks on your site, and then, it starts sometimes. If there is a problem with the server, this will take longer than usual.

  • A database problem

A latest and new website will run quickly, but it will begin to slow down,  and don’t take any load then the reason must be the linked database.


Because the more information is stored in your database and the more complex your site is, the more likely the database will not run as effectively as when it was first launched. time.

Other reasons should be,

  • Website coding errors.
  • Large images.
  • Excessive use of images.
  • The use of too much Flash technology
  • The use of too many flash screens.
  • Web pages that have not been compressed.
  • The use of external media.
  • The use of background music.
  • Very long pages can cause the site to load slowly.
  • If the user has a slow internet connection.
  • If the site has tables.
  • If there are too many windows open on the user’s computer.
  • If the user’s software is not updated.

Easy solution for the speed increase of the website:

  1. Remove add-ons

If your site slows then check your add-ons, it is running too many then it is susceptible risks. You may need a handful of add-ons to make your site work the way you want.

  • Optimize images and videos

Tons of the images and videos make the website slow, optimize them with the size and eliminate those are necessary.

  • Minimize the code

It may happen that, the code on your website can be a little clumsy.  And if you go for the customization it can work but it makes the website slow. So, check the code and minimize it as possible you can do.

  • Use CDN

The speed of the website is affected by the proximity to the server where the files on your site are stored. The use of a CDN can solve this problem.

  • Enable cache

The cache can easily load your website, so to enable cache is good for you.

Key Takeaway, We explain to you whatever the problem is on your website you can solve it, like speed issue of the website as well. You have your website running, that is great, but the drawback is that it is running slow. And these are ideas you can apply on your website, and fix it. Otherwise, we are here!!! Feel free to ask any question!!!