As we talk previously, how you can make the website own, it’s not so tough to make the website. But still, you are thinking that it will be costly then you must consider some website builders that can help you to make the website easily as well as cheap.  How to save money when building a website?

You do not always need to update your plan to get more from the creator of websites, there are some tricks and tips to save more pennies in your pocket. Here are some questions you may have in your mind,

  1. How does the website builder make money if I use it for free?

The paying users can support all the others. Another way that website creators can make money is through advertising on their site.

  • Are websites good for SEO even?

Free websites are not SEO friendly because you cannot connect them with a custom domain. which makes it difficult for search engines like Google to find, crawl and index your website.

  • Are builders of free websites good?

As per my opinion, Yes. They can make good and simple professional websites in competitive rates or not taking a single penny from the user. With this kind of free website builders, you get most of the features you need to get your site up.

  • Can I update my website if I use the free website builders?

You can upgrade to a premium paid plan whenever you want. There are many builders of recommended and free websites come with paid plans if you want to update.

Here is the list of some free website builders you can take a look:

  • Wix – Use if you want to make the complete website
  • SITE123 – Use for the best live support
  • Weebly – If you are running a small business
  • Surprisingly – a Quicker platform for the basic website
  • Jimdo – Use for the small and online store for free
  • – The best for the blogs
  • IM Creator- Use for the portfolio making
  • – best for the beginners
  • Webnode – Easy to configure
  • Mozello- Thinking to make the multilingual sites for free? Go for this…

Elaboration of every website builders:

I2techs is here to make your website making is as easy as possible by providing you with information about the best creators of free websites on the market. You may not have the budget to hire a professional web developer or technical know-how to code a website from scratch, but that should not stop you from having your own website.

  1. Wix

It includes, many customizable templates, also have drag-and-drop editing tool, tons of functions, 500 MB storage and bandwidth.

You can upgrade to a paid plan if you want to remove Wix ads, connect your own domain name, unlock, sell online, and increase the bandwidth.

  • SITE123

This is the best for help and support functions.

It includes support of live chat 24/7, receptive templates, storage of 500MB and bandwidth of 1GB

You can upgrade to get a free domain for a year, remove ads from SITE123, unlock 10GB storage and 5GB bandwidth, and expand your site with e-commerce functions.

  • Weebly

It is good for small businesses and portfolios.

It includes, excellent SEO indications, drag and drops editing tool structured but customizable templates, 500 MB storage.

You can upgrade to a paid plan if you want to remove Weebly ads, connect your own domain name, sell online, unlock additional features such as video backgrounds.

  •  Surprisingly

It is good for blogs. The best way to build a basic website quickly and easily.

It includes 5GB of monthly bandwidth, unlimited free sites, e-commerce features, blogging tools, and 24/7 support.

You can upgrade to: connect your own domain name or get a free domain for one year, advanced e-commerce features up to 500 products per site, unlock features such as password protection.

  •  Jimdo

Good if you want to build a free online store.

It includes blogging tools, e-commerce functions, integration of social networks, functions and obtaining 500 MB of storage and 2 GB of bandwidth.

You can upgrade to get a free domain name, remove ads, increase storage and bandwidth, unlock SEO tools.


This is the best to blog, also for the simple website.

It includes best and extensive blogging tools, free themes, 3GB storage, and community support.

You can upgrade to get a free domain, remove ads, increase storage space and unblock email.

  •  IM creator

For the portfolio, it is the best site.

It includes free templates, e-commerce tools, and blogs,  50 MB, basic support.

You can upgrade to connect your own domain, get up to 10 personalized email addresses, unlock unlimited storage and bandwidth,  and receive 24/7 support.


This is best for beginners.

It includes an application store, integrated membership function,  e-commerce features.

You can upgrade to accept payments, unblock email, get a free personalized domain, live chat, and phone support,  remove ads from websites and create pages from unlimited sites.

  •  Webnode

This is best for the easy configuration.

It includes so many tools like blogs and businesses tools, simple templates, unlimited web pages, and 100MB storage.

You can upgrade to sell through your site, access email accounts, connect your own domain,  increase storage and unlock features such as background videos.

  1. Mozello

If you are thinking to make the multilingual sites for a free, good option for that.

It includes simple blog features, multilingual tools, basic e-commerce tools to sell up to 10 products.

You can upgrade to remove Mozello ads, increase storage, connect your own domain name, and unlock more products to sell through your site.

Final note,

We introduce you some basic website builders, but one thing you should take care- The creators of free websites almost always limit the functions which may be fine to you, but can also be extremely frustrating if you want to expand the business. So, sometimes it is better to go for the premium plan. Think and use!!!