To put a step in a digital market world or want a global presence on the Internet or we can say in simpler words, to get the business growth and don’t have a website???? Ohlalala… This can be not expected if you are seriously seeking success.

Now, Why a website? The website is a platform that can give you identity plus defines your services and after coming World Wide Web it becomes more accessible for the users. But most of the people among us are thinking that making a website is like a daunting task. Others are thinking that it is too costly? Some are also thinking that why is it an essential step? I am making my money without it? Some know the importance of website but may feel that they don’t know about, WHERE TO START????

But, Fortunately, you have us, We are here to come up with the right techniques and right tools so you can make the website and manage it easily. But one thing is necessary, and that is a proper plan. You should make a Checklist or a proper plan for making the website.  Now, at least this you can do this, Right?

Then, buckled up … Let’s take a ride towards making the best website….

We are coming up with the perfect checklist, or you can say the ROADMAP that you can also follow, it will guide you to make the website.

First of all, ask these two questions and get an answer from your self:

  1. What do you need and what you need to start while starting the website?
  2. What you don’t need to do?

This is a good idea because first of all you will definitely think about what you need and don’t need after that you will decide.

For example-  I need only blogging website because I want to expand my thought throughout country and all. So I don’t need other pages on my website.

Without thinking, people stuff everything in their website, and they end up with the limitless list to add. Once you know what works, you can invest wisely in your website.


  1. Decide Your goal, and objectives

First of all, the purpose is the most important for the website. As we discussed above if you want blogging site then you must follow its rules and all, but if you want e-commerce site then you should follow the strategy for that.

  • Select your domain name

After deciding that you have chosen and registered a domain name for your web address. GoDaddy and NameCheap are there that provide this service.

  • Set the priorities

This is a very essential part to make the website, like which part is very important to you go for this first like you want home page best then choose it this to make firstly. Or you want to target the blog page then you can use that first.

  • Features and pages counts are essential

What are the pages on the website and every page should have what features that depend on you?  Develop a list of the requirements of your website. Such as,

  • How many numbers of pages do you want?
  • Website storage?
  • Online tools? – reviews, forms, slide shows
  • Video and Audio
  • Cart- if an e-commerce website


  • Go for the professional if you still stuck

First of all, before making the website – decide if you want to create a website yourself or if you want to outsource the website development to the expert like I2Techs. If you are running a smaller business and you want to do this by own you may go for but if you have a large amount of the data and not easily manageable, also the website that has the huge categories then go for the Professional expert. 


  • Choose to host

It essential for your site, that can be stored on a computer accessible through the Internet so that visitors can access it online. For that, you must go to the web hosting company. There are many hosting companies are on the internet and provide a good hosting service. From year to year, you can go for that.  There are 4 types of hosting available. 

  1. Shared hosting,
  2. VPN Hosting,
  3. Free Hosting,
  4. Dedicated Hosting

You can go for the detail on the internet and choose as per your need.

  • Make the proper content

Determine what should be on the website is essential and create it. What is good information and that will your visitors find valuable? At a minimum, make sure your website shows your company’s contact information.  

  • Link the domain name to a website

If you choose any website creation tool that places your website online in the domain name of the creator instead of yours, so you should like the domain name where your website is located.

  • Do marketing of the website

Now, the website is built, you decide all the things before it lives. So also, you have to think about how your visitors will find your website. Put your web address in all possible places, for the promotion and marketing of the website so everyone can notice that easily!!!

  1. Improve the performance of your website

After doing everything you must understand the progress and performance of the website, how many visitors are there? How much traffic you are getting? Analyze your website and check in the Google whether it is shown or not.

If not? Then go for the marketing agency it will be helpful for you definitely…

At the end of the ride:

As per our view, you may go for this checklist, If you have a small business and don’t know how to work at all. These 10 steps can definitely help you especially if you are creating a website from scratch, not for any top level. Start from here it can make you more inclined towards the website, and digital marketing.