After making the site, the first step you have to do is, going to verify the website or your website on the Internet with the help of the Google Search Console, And the  Google Search Console is a free service that helps you manage the presence of your site in Google search results. In that, you can request that Google index your site, which means that the changes you made can appear earlier in the search results.

Now, for the laymen it is quite tough, to understand about the verification at the Google search Console, so, first of all, let understand …

What Is Console Verification?

Verification is the method of proving that the website is yours, and for that, you have to confirm the property of your website. Once this is verified you have access to your Google search data and may affect your presence in Search.

Verification can be done for each property of the Search Console requires at least one verified owner, although it may have more.

Remember that-You can add any site as a property to the Google Search Console, but until you verify ownership of it, you cannot use it.

Who Can Use the Google Search Console?

From the generalist to the specialist – Anyone with a website can get help from the Google Search Console!

Just like any SEO specialist, Business owners, marketing experts, and many other people can use the Google Search Console BUT, BUT, BUT…

These things are must,

  • You should know it,
  • and, be familiar with the basics of optimizing your site for search engines and know what features are available in Google Search.

Google Search Console will help you control your website traffic, optimize your ranking and make decisions about the look out of your site’s search results.

The search console also allows you to easily monitor, resolve server errors, more than that site loading issues, and security issues such as hacking and malware.

Remember This-Verification with the Google Search Console will not work on the test sites, because test sites are hidden from your search engines. First of all, publish it.

The Google Search Console verifies the main domain of your site. This can be your integrated custom domain managed by any third party.

Based on SSL settings, the Google Search Console change the preference, like it has the different modes to verify like HTTP:// or https: you can take.

How Can I Verify My Business in Google Search Console? – Step By Step Process

  1.  Set up your Google account

The first step in setting up any type of analysis for your site is to open a Google account.

Go to then ‘Sign in’.  After that Select ‘Create an account’ and complete the simple form. That’s. Once you have a Google account in place, you will have access to tools of Console.

  • Add Your Website

It’s time to add your new website address. If you already own a Google account, you will only have to add the new address where the previous websites are listed.

  • Verify Your Ownership

You have entered the URL after that you have to show that you have it.  After doing that, -As the owner of the site, you have total control over a property.

Once everything is done, check its status and click on the “Verify” button to confirm.

  • Optimize The Search Of Your Website

Google Search Console can improve the search position of your website. Useful features like the Search Analytics report; a convenient tool that analyzes the status of your search and finds ways to improve it. It shows you which websites have the highest position in search engine results.

  • Analyze Your Search Results

It is important to monitor and analyze your search results in the Google Search Console. And by using the Search Analytics report, it is possible to see how many visitors came from Google.

Ending Lines,

Considering that, for any kind of SEO purpose you must undergo from this process, it is a vital step to take. Once you verify your presence with Google and have to best SEO strategy – NO ONE CAN STOP YOU!!!