We are at the 4th stage of this tremendous journey of the essential topics in SEO. So for that, we are here to discuss one more topic and that is- Title Tag.But, Do you know what is title tag, how it is used, & why this is important in SEO? Here is the information of the title tag, from scratch.

“A Title Tag Is A Markup Language Part That Specifies The Title Of An Online Page. Title Tags Are Usually Shown On SERP Pages. They Are Clickable Headline And Vital For The SEO And Social Sharing.”

For example,


<title >This is Example</title >


As per the SERPs, Google displays the mostly first 50–60 characters of a title tag. If you retain your titles within the sixty characters then you get the title on SERPs properly. There’s no precise character limit, as a result of characters will vary in breadth and Google’s show titles hit ( As per the new update ) at 600 pixels.

Why Are Title Tags Important In Terms Of The SEO?

Meta title tags are a serious consideration for the primary impression many folks have of your page. Title tags are employed in 3 key places and below there are 3 key places you can check.

  1. SearchResult Pages(SERPs)

Your title tag determines the primary information of title in SERPs and maybe a search visitor’s initial expertise of your website. So, first of all, your website rank is also depended on the Meta, Title Tag.

  • Web Browsers

As per the title tag, they are displayed on the SERPs, also additionally displayed at the highest of your website and acts as a placeholder. If people have numerous browser then also people simply recognisable.  You can add the vital keywords close to the front facilitate to make sure that individuals.

  • Social Networks

These title tags are important for some external websites. You can use your title tag to work out what to show after you share that page.

Exceptionally,some social networks like Twitter and Facebook have their own meta tags, permitting you to specify titles.

But, Do You Know – How Do You Write An Honest Title Tag?

Because title tags are an essential part of the SEO, if you are into the SEO strategy then you must know the strategy and format of the Title tag. We will explain to you how you can write the high-impact SEO title tag with the low effort.

  1. Consider The  Title Length

So, Make the title short and simple but if you make it too long then search engine delete the extra sentence and put (…) so if you put the important keyword with the extra long sentence then you will find your important keyword omitted. The title should be within the 60 characters.

  • Don’t Stuff Too Much SEO Keywords

While there’s no penalty, but if  Google’s formula for long titles, you’ll run into bother if you begin stuffing your title. You should add a keyword that is necessary for your page. Such as:

SEO services | SEO agency

Avoid titles that are simply an inventory of keywords or repeat variations, these are dangerous and the user will find it harmful.

  • Provide The Best Title

Unique titles make the search engines to trail you. Content should be exclusive & valuable and additionally drive higher click-through rates. However fashionable CMS and code-based templates ought to enable you to a minimum of produce data-driven.

As an example,

[Name] – [Category] | [Brand Name]

Consider these titles, and aware yourself, don’t use duplicate content across your website. Additionally, these titles nearly always scale back click-through rates.

  • Use Important Keyword initially

As per our research, Keywords nearer to the start of your title tag could have a lot of impact on search rankings. This can be why we tend to suggest titles wherever the foremost distinctive side of the page seems initial.

Avoid Titles Like:

Brand Name | Name

Name is very important and so that it should be prior. if search engines bring to an end a title like this, the foremost distinctive portion is that the presumably to disappear.

At last,

Now, do you know how you make and use the title tag? You can use this in your next SEO strategy and this will be beneficial for you. And a very important thing, stay tuned for the next topic.