One thing you already do already got the professional SEO services in Chicago, but people are curious to know the basics of the SEO. SEO has the different and we can several things to understand. If you wanna learn the SEO from the local SEO company Chicago, you should understand everything steps by step, 

But How????

No clue!!! Not any SEO company Chicago provide guidance about the SEO basics, but we. From now we lined up some tips, tactics and so many things in the future blogs. Here this is the SEO guide of the HTML tags.  The things we cover in this article is,

  • What is HTML tags?
  • What type of HTML tags are available?
  • How are they used?
  • What is the impact of the HTML tags in SEO?

What is HTML tags?

You may have a question does the content of the head matter? YES… That can affect the website with the full of explored and unexplored possibilities. As you know the structure of the HTML page of the website. It contains the head tag and in the <head> and <body> section are very important.

“HTML is the code that is used to create web pages and the search engines can collect signals from specific HTML elements.”

Now coming on the tags,

The pieces of the text that exist in the HTML code, and they are invisible to the users but they can provide the proper information to the Search engines. The tags highlight the most important parts of your page so that it stands out in SERPs, which allows users to find their content. Therefore, it is natural to assume that HTML tags should be a crucial part of page optimization, absolutely vital for SEO.

What is the importance of the HTML tags? /Impact on the SEO

It is a fact that in previous years, the HTML tags influence on the rankings has been decreasing. Also, webmasters can even choose not to use some tags in their HTML and be fine after that.

By using the proper HTML tags, you can do this in your process of the SEO,

  • You can improve the experience by providing the matching with the queries.
  • Make the SERP fragments more attractive.
  • Provide the guidance to search engine what to find and where to find?

HTML Tags and how they are used?

Start from here, some brief about the HTML tags is here and from that, you can get the knowledge. After that, you can search every tag and get knowledge.

  1. Title Tag

HTML titles have always been the most important HTML signal used by search engines to understand what a page is about. If you use bad titles on your pages you may lose your page value.

A title tag is the first things that people see in SERPs. Therefore, these labels used to be the ones that were filled with keywords.

Places of maximum visibility:

  • SERP: You have to decide to click or not;
  • Web browser tabs:  It is important when users have so many tabs;
  • Social Networks: When the page is shared it is important.


<title> Give the appropriate </ title>

  • Meta Tag

A Meta description contains a small description with the targeted and searched keywords you user can get the attention towards the main service of the website. So, it makes sense that the Meta description label is considered a success factor.

The Meta description is a short text paragraph in the HTML <head> section of a page.

Places of maximum visibility:

  • SERP: It occupies the largest part of the SERP fragment.
  • SEO:  consider as a Title and Description
  • Social Networks: When people share the URL with the post.
  • Structured Data

When you use the structure data, you know that it is not a direct classification factor but it is the success factor.  

It called the rich snippet, and you can search the list that as additional tones that make it more attractive and useful for the users.

Places of maximum visibility:

  • SEO: Structured data and
  • Google: Google Rich Snippets and knowledge graph
  • Header Tag

Header tags are very useful when they reflect the logical structure of a page. If you have the main title, you can use that as an H1 tag.

There are many SEO experts from Chicago put whole paragraphs in the header tags. That does not help. The header tags are both to make the content easy to read for users as it is for search engines.

At the end of the article,

The poor website was only a result.  And whatever you do but it never gets the SEO ranking. Only designs and attractive copy of the website never work. You need to classify the organically to generate more traffic. Make the website with the proper HTML tags, it will be beneficial.