As Chatbots becoming increasingly popular, learn how we can help you reach the milestone of having a Virtual Assistant implemented on your website and mobile apps.

We Create Chatbots & Voice Apps For Businesses

Chatbots are taking over the world and they will fundamentally revolutionize how humans interact with the digital world. We build chatbots and voicebots, which helps businesses to stand out in the crowd.

Our Expertise

Companies are leveraging bots to automate support helpdesks (including various call-center processes, IVR processes) and many other areas where bots can augment the manual scripted response from agents. With millions of Chatbots already flooding the market, only a handful of them actually gives the experience of human-like interactions.

Designing a high-quality Chatbot is not as simple as it seems from the onset, and there are many attributes to consider while conceptualizing, developing & adoption of bots Every industry has their own specific ontology which bot uses to understand queries and intents. Building supplemental models for a specific industry helps bot development companies to augment bots with industry-specific business measures, user terms and a foundation to build on. i2TECHS has matured supplemental models for industries like Retail (FMCG, FMCD), BFSI, Education, Healthcare, Travel, Transportation and Logistics.

Key Offerings:

  • Conversational & menu-driven bots
  • Integration with backend systems & database
  • Bots integrated with mobile apps
  • Voice-enabled bots
  • Transactional bots
  • Reporting and statistics