As we talked earlier, there are lots of website builder that can make your wish fulfilled but still, there are essential things you must include in your website. Do you know, what are the basic requirements of the website?

Not only, Designing and developing of the website is necessary but it is more than that.  

Let’s talk from the first,

As we discussed in the last article, you should first choose the domain and hosting.

  1. Domain name:

A domain name will be the first thing you will need when you start a company’s website. Make the appropriate domain name.

  • Hosting:

Web hosting is a server where your content of the website online.

There are 4 types of the hosting that we talked about, and you can choose any from them like you should go for the Shared hosting if you have big organization and dedicated hosting from it can be used for the enterprise level website.

Things your website must have:

  1. Perfect web platform:

There are many website builders available that will help you set up a website; before you choose you can go for the previous blog, and choose them as per your requirement.

  • SSL Security Certificate:

Google has announced that HTTPS is going.  You must go for the security certificate, help you to provide the security.

  • Analysis and Monitoring:

You can use any analysis tracking tool to understand how your visitors interact with your website.

  • SEO Friendly Website:

This is a must in the digital era, A SEO friendly website. It can help you to present your website in the Internet world.

  • Social Integration:

Now that social networks are an important part of everyday life, it is important to have buttons to share on social networks.

Things must have in your website Design:

  • It should be compatible with a mobile device:

This is a very essential thing that your website should responsive and it is compatible with the mobile or another handheld device.

  • It can be navigated easily:

The other thing is vital your website should have the perfect sitemap. Without it, your potential customers could not learn about you and your company.

  • Make the Website less crowded:

Your website should be less crowded and it should be easily readable.

  • Has proper brand image:

Your name, and logo should be included on each page so that visitors know exactly where they are and what they can expect.

Pages must have on your website:

As you know, content is the most important part of the web page, and here are some pages that should have on your website so anyone can read the pages and understand your website.

  1. Contact Us:

It is quite good, or we could say it essential that the contact page must have on the website.

  • About Us:

It is good if you have your company history page, everyone should know about your establishment, and journey.

  • FAQs:

Many people don’t consider this as the essential page of the website, but it is necessary because there are many people who are confused and can’t ask anything to get every answer.

  • Products & Services:

Many people take for granted the fact that their visitors know your product or service before entering your site. But still, you should make the webpages for that.

Last Note,

Some people already know these things but for the beginners, this information could be beneficial, go with the flow, and we can trail you toward success, just go slow and steady!!!