DevOps developers are the best way to bridge the differences between software developers and IT operations. But that is only applicable when you can land the right talent with the necessary skillset. The most important thing to remember while hiring a DevOps engineer is to have an unwavering focus on your unique needs. Furthermore, the role of DevOps developers may differ from enterprise to enterprise. At some enterprise, they might be suggesting the right tools to make internal communication better, and somewhere they would be working on critical things such as Automation and AWS. Also, the scalability brings more variation in the role of a DevOps developer in a company and how they manage your enterprise challenges with the right technologies. Apart from this, there are a few common skillsets that every DevOps developers must have, here are 5 of them:

Fundamentals of Development and Operation Skills: 

One of the primary roles of any DevOps development is to understand various methodologies of development used by an enterprise and provide support through technologies to make them more functional. They play a crucial role to bridge the difference between developers and IT professionals working on DBAs, network administration, security, system programmers, and more.

Look for a professional that not only knows scripting and coding but is also actively contributing to skillsets such as:

– CD/ CI

– Comprehensive System Build

– Virtualization Expertise

– Knowledge of tech and more


Technology is fast-paced and every industry today is going gaga over automation at every operational level of an enterprise. To your surprise, hiring a DevOps developer can save you time and energy both while implementing the right technology to solve the problem on a micro-level. Furthermore, automation is a necessary skill set to look for in a DevOps developer. 

While hiring you should evaluate a candidate as per his/ her knowledge of automation, the technical challenges, and their ability to integrate new systems and operations in code to make things more seamless by comparing different tools. Also, they must have in-depth knowledge of Chef and Puppet the configuration management systems. 

Vision and Attitude 

For any enterprise to function properly, each member of your team should understand how their contribution is going to shape the vision of the enterprise. And DevOps developers are no different. A DevOps developer must contribute with their unique ideas and share strategies with the company to manage your product and reach your ultimate goal. On your part, you must provide the freedom to experiment and come up with fruitful ideas. This helps you maximize their efficiency and sparks innovation in the operations. 

Coding skills 

While hiring a DevOps engineer, you must inquire about their technical skillsets be it in JavaScript, Python, Perl, or Ruby. It is necessary that they know how to write code and also the language they are proficient in must be in context to your project. The work of a DevOps developer includes assigning IP addresses or DNS codes and also someone who can understand the procedures and object-oriented or functional programming, and DevOps technologies to improve the infrastructural capabilities of an enterprise. A knowledgeable professional will help you in effectively design and deploy applications using the best of the platforms. 

Security Skills 

One of the most heated topics of the tech industry, and also something that has started the rigorous hunt for talented DevOps developers – agile methodologies have made security one of the biggest concerns of people. 

Companies must have built-in security in the software for the right deployment and getting the hedge from any security breaches later. A DevOps developer would make sure the app is not prone to any malpractices by hackers through these activities: 

– Understanding of CCNA/CCNP protocols 

– Use of visualization, project management tools like Trello, Asana, Jira

– Protocol sequence of procedures such as DNS, TCP 3-way handshake. 

Wrapping Up 

These were only some skillsets to look for in a DevOps developer, as per your enterprise needs, you can look for the right skillsets and ensure the deployment of the project is top-notch. i2TECHS has a team of experienced and talented DevOps engineers to help businesses of all the sizes. Get in touch with us to know how can we help you with DevOps to streamline your operations and improve efficiency.